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 eRoom Archiver:  With Archiver, Tribia delivers the entire project structure with associated logs, comments and file versions. The export is in an eRoom-like user interface, which can be stored on a separate hard disk or internal server. This eRoom export is typically used for archives and reference purposes where you want a copy of eRoom to navigate in the same way as it was at ProsjektHotell.  Export Content:  This export method provides a relatively complete export of an eRoom that is well suited for further mechanical or manual import/migration to other systems. It provides content/folder structure to file-explorersimilar to what one is used to in eRoom.

All prices are in NOK

All prices are in NOK

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Delivery method, USB 2.000,- NOK, shipping cost in addition. For digital delivery, we will send you a link that is active a set number of days.

If more than 1 room is exported; Do you want the rooms pooled on 1 USB, or separated on 1 USB for each room?

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The export can be restricted to a role from the room, so that only the content that role has access to is exported, for instance if sub-supplier wants an export of their involvment in the project. (blank field will be exported as room admin)

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